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The Crafts People

Piece Rate Feels Fairer Than Daily Wages

Kaliamma who works in Blue Mango Trust, Tamil Nadu S. India tells us something about her life.

When I was five years old I had an eye infection and instead of taking me to the hospital, my parents went to a native doctor. My right eye is now covered with a white film and is permanently blind. I had studied only until 8th grade, then stayed at home until it was too hard on my parents to support me. In 2007, I joined Blue Mango. It was my first job.

My brothers and sisters are all married. I am disabled and can’t get married. Anyway I don’t care because a husband would probably mistreat me since I am half blind.

I like Blue Mango because it has a good atmosphere. The food is good, especially on the days they give us millet instead of rice. I like the piece rate instead of the daily wage because it seems fairer.

But what I like most about Blue Mango is the savings. Every month I put some of my salary into the bank to which I also add my bonuses. We get a bonus every 3 months. I have saved a lot of money in the last few years and am really proud of that.

My family never asks me to give them money from my savings. For this, I am happy.


Sep 2015

MESH buys soft toys, jewellery and other fashion accessories from Blue Mango Trust


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