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I am Really Interested in The Work I Do

Annamal is Improving All The Time In Her work At Blue Mango Trust, Tamil Nadu, S. India

My mother and father died when I was a baby. I don’t know how. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I was raised in RTU with a foster mother
and a few other orphans. I consider her to be my mother and the other orphan kids my siblings. Since 2005, I’ve lived in RUADT and worked at Blue Mango.

I wanted to work because I’m sick of being dependent on people and I want to help my guardian. I spend every May with her. I miss RTU a lot. Working at Blue Mango makes it bearable because it is like a family. Rajkumari even told my guardian that she’ll look after me like her own daughter and she has. I want to work, build up my savings account and gain a good reputation so that my guardian can be proud of me.

I like Blue Mango because when I see everyone everyday I’m happy. I’m really interested in the work I do. I like everything about Blue Mango.

I’ve done three things in Blue Mango. I did coasters and beaded scarves and now I’m doing bracelets. I’m improving.


Sep 2015

MESH buys the bead jewellery and decorations that Annamal makes and also soft toys and cotton and silk fashion accessories made by the other women in Blue Mango Trust.


Kumbli Poochi