Reaching The Unreached donate their looms to Little Flower Leprosy Colony

RTU's beautiful jacquard fabric
Reaching The Unreached in south India is a fine organisation involved in childcare and rural development. They have just closed their weaving unit but have donated 14 jacquard looms to Little Flower Leprosy Colony in Bihar, north India.

Shiv and Surendra are going to make the long journey to Tamil Nadu to help dismantle the looms and then Jayaraj, the Tamil master weaver will travel back to Bihar with them and help install and train the Bihari weavers in using these unfamiliar looms.

Our studio weaver Narayan will be the translator as he speaks both Tamil and Hindi. The distances are huge and the lifestyle in Bihar will be quite different for Jayaraj. We pray for the safe arrival of the looms and men and for orders to keep the weavers of Little Flower Leprosy Colony busy.