Beyond the Life

Beyond The Life is a youth organisation established in Bharat Mata Kusht Ashram, a leprosy colony in Faridabad, N. India. The group is committed to serving the larger society and is an umbrella for a small producer group of 15 tailors from the leprosy colony, who sew products from MESH.

The tailors work from home and and are paid by piece rate which they set. MESH pays Beyond the Life a small percentage against each order as handling charges and the profits are available for Beyond The Life to use for social welfare projects for the larger community.

MESH trained the first four tailors who then trained the others. They work to a high standard and are consistent in their quality. we are proud of the progress they have made.

MESH further supports the families with sponsorship of some of their children through school. the combination of regular orders and additional support has ensured that the children of the tailors are getting educated to a higher level than their parents and have good prospects for employment.

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