Prowess Self Help Group

Prowess is a very successful women's self help group located in Kodai Kanal which is a hill station and tourist spot in Tamil Nadu. Started as a trust the women later were guided to form a self help group and affiliate themselves with a larger umbrella organisation of self help groups in order to benefit from government savings and credit schemes.

In the last year Prowess has moved to a new location in the same town. It was a big upheaval especially without their beloved Tiku but they are now well settled in and thriving. They have started to make clothes for the local market too and a small consignment of skirts were exported to Uplift Fair Trade, Australia in 2019-20.

The wonderful brightly coloured toys made in Prowess are very popular and there are many listed on our website on our toys and games page here...

For data about the artisan numbers and amount of business done by Prowess please click here.


Dog and puppies

Goldilocks and the three bears

Maharaja puppet