Care Kashmir

The members of Care Kashmir are practicing the traditional craft of papier-mâché and leather work using traditional crewel and Aari embroidery for decoration. Each craftsman is an artist either with brush or needle.

Papier-mâché and leather work using crewel and Aari embroidery for decoration are traditional crafts in Kashmir. The artisans of Care Kashmir paint and embroider the beauty of their natural surroundings into boxes, trays, Christmas decorations and suede leather bags.

All the papier-mâché products are made from paper paste set into moulds, dried and then smoothed for painting by hand using fine brushes and safe paints. In the cold days of winter thousands of little painted products may be laid out before gas heaters to dry in the frigid air each one a testimony to the skills of the artists.

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Hand Painted Steel, Two Tier, Tiffin Box

Hand Painted Lemonade Set