Nav Prabhuthi Trust

Some of Nav Prabhuthi Trust Products are on our website like the bicycle bags on this page, but you can see their latest range of products here at the Nav_Prabhuthi_Trust_Catalogue_Oct_2021

Nav Prabhuthi Trust was established in 2013 The goal was to establish a centre that will provide skills training that will make young adults with autism financially self-sufficient. The centre presently has 24 young adults with autism. The centre is in Bangalore in S. India and amongst the founders are three parents of children with autism who became special needs professional as their children grew up.
Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition. Individuals with autism have difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction and leisure or play activities. There is no established cause of autism and there is no cure, but with intense intervention, some of the symptoms can be significantly reduced.
Nav Prabhuthi Trust provides training in multiple vocational skills including sewing, textiles, paper and technology. The provide entrepreneurship programmes for mothers to help improve their economic conditions. And they make products for sale.

MESH buys block-printed bags and fabric from Nav Prabhuthi Trust for sale in our shop and for export.

Some of the young men and women like the precision of placing the block for block printing, the others like the young men in the pictures below prefer to let someone else place the block and they will beat down to make sure the design is fixed firmly on the fabric.