Nav Prabhuthi Trust

Nav Prabhuthi Trust was established in 2013 to provide skills training that will make young adults with autism financially self-sufficient. The centre presently has 24 young adults with autismz, it is located in Bangalore in S. India and amongst the founders are three parents of children with autism who became special needs professional as their children grew up.

Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition. Individuals with autism have difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction and leisure or play activities. There is no established cause of autism and there is no cure, but with intense intervention, some of the symptoms can be significantly reduced.

Nav Prabhuthi Trust provides training in multiple vocational skills including sewing, textiles, paper and technology. The provide entrepreneurship programmes for mothers to help improve their economic conditions. And they make products for sale.

MESH buys block-printed bags and fabric from Nav Prabhuthi Trust for sale in our shop and for export. They also print and stitch tea towels and have made lots of block printed fabric for other tailors in MESH to make products.

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Some of the young men and women like the precision of placing the block for block printing, the others like the young men in these pictures below prefer to let someone else place the block and they will beat down to make sure the design is fixed firmly on the fabric.

Akhilesh Karanth

Akhilesh is, 26 year old, he has autism which was diagnosed when he was three years old. He was given early intervention and speech therapy when he was young and he now speaks well. Akhilesh is good with following visual instructions and learns best with demonstrations. He also likes structured, repetitive work. This made him an ideal candidate for block printing.

He has completed his training in block printing and sewing and data entry on the computer and is now learning to become a master trainer in block printing at Nav Prabhuthi Trust as he learns quickly, is diligent and block prints with excellent accuracy. In addition, he is being trained in kundan work/ embroidery art work and painting. Akhilesh is learning different types of paint mixing, choosing colour combinations and the designs. This will help him become completely independent in block printing.


Indira joined Nav Prabhuthi Trust out of necessity when covid prevented her cab driver husband from working and the family had no income. She was appointed as a teaching assistant in the center and joined the block printing training which she attended faithfully.

Indira has a daughter called Thanushree who has autism and is being trained in Nav Prabuthi Trust.

Indira feels the training has helped her explore her strengths and also look for opportunities for her daughter when she is old enough to work. She is now confident about her block printing skills and is looking for job opportunities in the same or associated fields. She also teaches block printing to other women and trainees at Nav Prabhuthi. She has also undergone a training program in marketing and is hopeful of a brighter future for her and her family.

Her family’s economic situation has improved with the help of her additional income. Indira does not have to depend on her husband for day to day expenses. She also observes her daughter, Thanushree at the centre and is planning on improving her skills in block printing to make her independent in the future