Khadim Handicrafts

Khadim welfare Society

Khadim Handicrafts is a small production unit in the heart of Uttar Pradesh's industrial belt about five hours drive from New Delhi. They are distinguished from the other many small industries in their town of Sambhal by their efforts to practice fair trade principles as explained to them by MESH. They have improved working conditions and professionalism, employ people with disabilities have engaged the local community and constantly strive to meet the expectations of international buyers for timely deliveries and consistently high quality products.

You can find out more details about workers and business in this 2018-19 report completed by the team at Khadim handicrafts. here.


A quick look at what is involved in checking and packing hand crafted mother of pearl bangle sets for export

The informal school started by Khadim Handicrafts in 2016 provides out of school classes for some of the local children. In this film they are practicing their multiplication tables!

Bangles and boxes, necklaces and e-reader stands, picture frames and trays made of horn, bone, shells, resin and metal.

7619278-Mother-of-Pearl Bangles

7613416; 417 & 418 - Coasters

Smart Phone and Tablet Stand Open and Flat for Storing and Travel

7613317 Square Photo Frame

7612157- Silver Plated Brass Napkin Rings

To see more click here for smart phone and e-reader stands; click here for bangles; and click here for picture frames.