Blue Mango Trust

Blue Mango Trust is a social enterprise for women in Tamil Nadu. Blue Mango’s objective is to run a sustainable business by and for marginalized women who are disabled, deserted, widowed or living with AIDS. With a supportive infrastructure which enables women to gain financial stability and self-reliance it is hoped that because of Blue Mango, those who are stigmatized will find greater respect and support from their larger communities. Working mostly often with cheerful Jaipur prints they sew bags, clothing, soft toys and decorative items.
MESH has been associated with Blue Mango Trust since 2003/04. Originally the Trust did not employ women with disabilities but after a conversation with MESH they asked the current members if there were also women with disabilities in their villages and neighbourhoods and when they found out there were they invited those women to visit Blue Mango to see if they would like to be trained and start work.

In 2022/23 they made a glorious collection of doorstops which are featured on our website

Rasu Khanna and Leela work in Blue Mango. Rasu looks after various accounting and tax matters and Leela quality checks production. Here they were at MESH's Network Meeting in Hubli in 2018 for some sharing, training and fun.