Father Muller's Rehabilitation Unit

Father Muller's Rehabilitation Unit is known to MESH as Saint Joseph's Mangalore because it grew out of the former St. Joseph's leprosy hospital in Mangalore, S. India.

The Rehabilitation Unit in Father Muller Hospital in Mangalore has been running for many years providing training and employment to people affected by leprosy and people with disabilities. MESH has been buying from them for about thirty years and their elephant greetings cards have been favourites with TLM Trading year after year.

Their artisans create lovely batik fabrics and table cloths by layering wax and then dyeing.. They have a screen printer and and a woman who block prints and others who stitch bags, file folders, and clothing for women.

They also have a printing press so can customise their hand painted and batik greetings cards with a printed message inside.

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4811634- Printed Backpack

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