Capacity Building Plan in Bethany

On a recent visit to Bethany Leprosy Colony I had two days of meetings with the weavers and tailors. What meetings they were…loads of shouting and blame and then finally a real set of plans to help the women take more responsibility for the rehab unit. We will train two women in quality management in the coming weeks and then in November Mathew and Mary will conduct a week-long training on costing and pricing.

The women have already begun to source the raw materials and monitor production and in so doing have begun to lessen the work that has until now rested with one man who was clearly too stretched to be effective.

These are exciting times and it was a great joy to me to work with those women most of whom are the daughters of the women directly affected by leprosy that I worked with when I lived in Bethany. Please pray that they can work out how to run the unit and that we shall keep a steady flow of orders for them.

You might be interested to note that we consider the mobile phone a great liberator for a group such as those women in Bethany. The women can easily call for themselves on their own mobiles if they have a question about an order. Thank The Lord for the extras he provides too!

Jacky Bonney
Executive Secretary