A Guest in MESH Design Studio

Sonu, is an 11th standard student from Kiran Centre, Varanasi who wishes to study fine arts. He arrived in Delhi this morning to spend two weeks in MESH Design Studio seeing what we do and hopefully using his artistic skills to practical effect creating some designs for us to use later either in screen printing, on greetings cards, or perhaps in embroidery.

IM Soir, a Swedish Development agency is funding MESH Design Studio and one of the activities included in the funding was to invite one senior school student with disabilities or leprosy into the studio each year for them to see what goes on and consider if they would like to make a career in design. Sonu’s visit is part of that activity. I hope we shall find opportunity to take him out and about to see a bit of Delhi too, especially those things that might provide artistic inspiration.

I shall report back again in a few days to let you know how he is getting on.