HWB Covers

A couple of years ago one of the members of MESH’s Executive Committee suggested that we ask one of our groups to make hot water bottle covers. I thought it would be rather nice to have really posh ones in the shop and I asked our Designer to speak to Sajad at Care Kashmir about using Pashmina for the covers. He was horrified. Cut up Pashmina for hot water bottle covers? Never! Instead he made three with chain stitch floss, soft one side but stiff and rough on the other.

Then I thought perhaps Little Flower could use some of their handspun silk fabric which has something of the texture of soft wool. One day something arrived on my desk that looked like duster material, it took me a while to work out that this was the HWB cover sample from Little Flower. I set the project on hold.

Quite naturally, when this winter came around the question of hot water bottle covers came up again. This time I have solved the problem. Soft fluffy fleece in modest dark blue or smooth comforting corduroy in wonderful bright blues and pinks, the final result looks and feels terrific. They come in two sizes with embroidered hands or feet in lovely colours. They are made by Uma, a new tailor for Bharat Mata Kusht Ashram, a leprosy community in Faridabad which is about an hour from Delhi.

The HWB covers are in our MESH Delhi shop now.

This morning there is a small article in The Times of India reporting that the Met. office predicts the present cold spell may last into March (oh my goodness!) So come by and pick one up fast there is still plenty of time to use them! Or if you are a wholesale customer you might like to hurry and order a whole bunch for your 2012 winter catalogue.