The Weak And The Strong Together

One of the best ways to increase livelihoods is to ensure that artisans are busy throughout the year. We encourage our suppliers not to depend solely on MESH for business and we have a programme to help them do more domestic marketing directly. But of late we have been looking at ways that we can mix the crafts so as to keep two groups busy.

A nice example is this great little bag from Bethany Leprosy Colony in S. India. Bethany bags have long been popular whereas in recent years the work of the Anand Crafts tatting ladies in a women’s society in Anandagram Leprosy Colony in N. India has lost ground in the market somewhat.

Last year we had the idea of dressing up a Bethany bag with a tatted flower and this bag is the result. There is another in the pipeline too which is in more spring-like colours (you will have to wait a while for this one!)

Two good crafts, two groups needing work add a dollop of design and a pinch of Fair Trade principles and there we have a lovely product!

You can find these Tatted Flower bags in MESH Delhi shop at 5, Local Shopping Centre, Uday Park (just south of Ansal Plaza) and they can also be ordered wholesale here