Nandini Prajapati

Name : Nandini Prajapati

Age: 19

Hometown: Kresh Nagar, UP

Nandini is currently attending Kiran Centre for children with different abilities; however the path there wasn’t a simple one. Nandini contracted polio at a young age and therefore lost mobility in her legs. Up till the 5th standard she studied in the nearby school but due to its abrupt close she couldn’t continue her education. Distances and expenses of other schools were too vast so she spent 5-6 years doing housework. Kiran contacted Nandini and suggested that here attendance there will provide her with her long overdue basic education. Her father refused the offer, stating that Nandini was too old to study and should learn tailoring in order to sustain and support her ten-person family. Nandini complied with her father’s wishes and trained in art and design for 3 years.

A year ago, a documentary was made about Nandini’s life. The film revealed her eager yearning to study and readiness to continue her education. Through the help and persuasion of Sister Sangita (director of Kiran), Nandini finally continued her studies.

Nandini has now finished at Kiran 9th standard with success and is continuing onto 10th. When asked about her future she is optimistic; she wants to take up computer science and study vocals in music. Apart from diligently studying, she enjoys listening to music and reading her morning newspaper. Nandini dreams to travel abroad but most importantly to prove to others (quote: “those who mocked me and discouraged me”) that her disability doesn’t and won’t hinder her success!
Nandini is very thankful to Kiran and especially Sister Sangita for their continual support, she says that she would have never reached her goal without their help.

Taili Hardiman