And Then There were Cats

I think this ginger tom cat and his little family are just the cutest…purr-fect for a cat lover and fairly irresistible whether you like cats or not. Each one is made of papier-mâché and hand painted in Kashmir. We have sold cat boxes before; I think these solid ones are nicer.

Then there are the sleek greys

And the inscrutable black and white trio who look like they might think they are the bosses.

Notice how the look is in the eyes!

These and owls and new Christmas decorations are coming up in MESH’s new wholesale on-line catalogue and lots of them are already in our Delhi shop.

Come and make your choice at No. 5, Local shopping Centre, uday Park, New Delhi. Open between 9.30 and 7 Monday to Saturday and just a few minutes south of Ansal Plaza.