Fair Trade Fortnight MESH Winter Carnival

MESH is marking Fair Trade Fortnight with a terrific winter carnival. Fabulous pure wool scarves, shawls, gloves and jackets are just in along with some gentle cosmetics and even a few dried herbs from the mountains.

Look out especially for a small range of pretty, delicately embroidered shawls from Kashmir. They have been embroidered by one family where three brothers have a chronic degenerative disorder which leaves them increasingly disabled. Imagine the struggle for a family with one son who is disabled and then multiply it by three! Tariq is the son who communicates with MESH and his fantastic persistence has resulted in this first small collection. My dream is that Fair Trade and MESH will help the three brothers to earn enough to support the rest of the family. We need your patronage to achieve that.

Please come in and have a look, I hope you will not want to leave without buying something.

27th November 2012