New People and New Products

Tariq and his brothers embroider delicate designs on soft wool shawls reflecting the beauty of Kashmir where they live. We have some of their pretty shawls in MESH at the moment and yesterday we bought some fabulous silk chiffon to send to them to see if they can transfer their skill from shawls to saris. We are hoping that if they can, we will be able to give them embroidery work throughout the year instead of just for winter.

There are many skilled embroiderers in Kashmir but Tariq and his two brothers are rather special as all three have a degenerative disorder that is gradually limiting their ability to move. To be able to sit quietly and embroider and earn their living has very special significance. Tariq has studied and has a master degree and we talk on the phone in English and Hindi, he is persistant so I hope very much that the sari experiment is a success.