Magnus Peterson Volunteer

Magnus Peterson a businessman from Sweden was back in MESH on 24th January. Last year he did a spell of volunteer work in Bethany Leprosy Colony in A.P. and another in Little Flower Leprosy Colony, Bihar. He came to MESH for a meeting with Pankaj Mehndiratta to plan the next activities to bring Little Flower to readiness for WFTO membership. Together with Jacky from MESH they discussed the programme for the next workshop in Little Flower and looked at the systems in place to neutralise and filter the waste water from the dye unit. Pankaj phoned a contact in the industry and found out that the waste water after treatment needs to be tested for the biological oxygen demand (BOD) and the chemical oxygen demand (COD). Along with good design and quality, meeting delivery schedules and maintaining traditional craft integrity we are now learning the science behind environmentally sound production.


NB The upcoming workshop in Little Flower will be conducted under MESH's LSMA project funded by Swedish Mission Council and Sida.

"The activities have received financial support from the Swedish Mission Council and Sida. SMC/Sida does not necessarily share the views and opinions presented here. Responsibility for the content rests solely with MESH."