Buyer-Seller Meet

We are having a very productive buyer-seller meet with Anna from Uplift Fair Trade, Australia. A number of groups have come int MESH Design Studio with their samples and Anna has been delighted with the variety and number of lovely new things they have on offer. Lots of happy moments, and shared laughter. Thanks to everyone involved. Thanks also to SOIR-IM Swedish Organisation for Individual Organisation for Individual Relief for providing some funds so that we could sponsor the travel and accommodation of some of the groups.

Anand Craft Women showing their tatted products with Anna s

And Bethany Weaves were here too s

MESH Design Studio, Lunch s

MESH Designer and the Anand Craft ladies working on prices s

One more happy lunch together s

Prowess clothing making everyone laugh s

Then Nivedita from Kumbaya arrived and loved what Khadim are doing s