Why it is good to buy Fair Trade – Mhd Danish explains.


“My request is that everyone buy fair trade products especially at this time so that we are encouraged and we feel happy that our products are liked and bought by you. We want you to buy as much as possible. Our products are good quality, people are paid properly for the work they do and we give a lot of thought to not using materials or techniques that harm the environment and our work provides opportunities for people who would not otherwise find employment.”

Mohammed Danish is the President of Khadim Handicrafts a small producer group working with horn and bone. He is one of four brothers and a sister and he has been telling us about life now and why they chose Fair Trade.

"Sambhal town is known for horn and bone craft skill. My parents struggled to pay our school fees so in order to help we searched for places to work and support our family. While I was in higher secondary school we came to Delhi where we got in touch with an organisation for work and orders. In this way we slowly began to establish our production group. We had many challenges as sometimes we didn’t have enough orders. I was made responsible to manage the production by my father from then onwards I have been fully involved in handicraft business. “We all are fully dependent on this business.”

“To control the spread of the Corona Virus the government has asked us to stay at home so we all are following the rules by staying in our homes. As a group we have tried to spread awareness in our neighbourhood that all need to be indoors. Due to uncertainty, there is lot of fear amongst the people so we are trying to give hope that this situation will soon improve, as people were not able to understand what was happening particularly during the initial days of the lock down.”

“This is hard for our business as we are not able to sell through online portal or do regular work so at this point we are trying to make face masks as it is the need of the hour. Some of us can use sewing machines and we can make masks to sell locally.”

MESH’s designer sent Danish a design for a simple two layer cloth facemask and MESH has ordered 3000 pieces as a way to support the group at this struggling time.

Khadim has been a model organisation for the implementation of the Ten Principles of Fair Trade, they are part of MESH’s Fair Trade Guarantee Scheme and are monitored regularly and receive fair trade training and guidance from MESH. In the picture below Danish and his brothers are working with Mr. Pankaj during MESH's last Fair Trade Audit.

Danish says “We chose to become fair trade because it addresses pay for artisans and child labour. In our area there is no respect for artisans, they are paid badly and discriminated against. Children are engaged in this handicraft industry from early days and they are not able to enjoy their childhood and don’t get the opportunity for education. Through Fair Trade artisans' lives can be developed and improved; they can be sheltered from exploitation and their welfare is looked after; also we take steps to protect our environment while we engage in production and customers get good quality products whilst we are part of the global movement.”

“I would like Khadim Handicrafts to do more fair trade awareness so that people will buy fair trade products. I would also like to provide more work to women.”

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