Designing for harder times

Physically Handicapped Training and Rehabilitation Unit (PHTRC) in Maharashtra has a large weaving unit famous for cotton shoulder bags, runners and placemats. In February two women weavers from PHTRC came to MESH Design studio to work with Hrishi developing new products and experimenting with new yarns. The results are exciting.


Working with pure wool for the first time the group wove on their narrow looms wonderful textured winter scarves. In addition they experimented with chenille, cotton in double and reversible weaves and they worked with thick yarn twisted in different colours.


See below the very first images of some of these products. The weavers have left and are making the first set of samples in their own workshop.


They also developed some designs for woollen throws which are being developed further in little Flower Leprosy Colony in Bihar where the looms are wider.


Mathew is coming to Europe and North America in April, please ask to see these samples. Now when utilitarian products may be the only ones we can sell for a while, what could be better than a set of wonderful warm scarves and throws, practical, beautiful and save on your heating bills too!