MESH Design Studio

MESH Design Studio - The Background

MESH Design Studio opened in February 2008 with financial support from IM Soir, a Swedish Development Organisation committed to Fair Trade.

The Long Term Goals of MESH Design Studio are: -

To provide high quality design and product development support as an on-going service of MESH through a design studio. Thereby to allow regular orders and increased economic security to the disabled people that supply MESH.

To encourage young people from the target community to undertake appropriate higher education that will enable the groups to do more of their own design work in-house.

And the short term goals are multiple as illustrated:

The Short Term Goals of MESH Design Studio
The Short Term Goals of MESH Design Studio

The Activities:

Short Workshops:
Conduct 3 skill enhancement/organisation development workshops per year for up to ten people for 5-7 days.

Long Workshops:
Conduct 6 programmes for 2 people for up to 30 days developing specific products (multi media).

Find Commercial Clients:
Sell the concept to potential paying clients (other NGO's in production and commercial buyers)

Conduct a design show every year

The Team
Hrishikesh - Designer
K. Syamala - Textile Designer
Narayan - Weaver and Technical Assistant
BasuRaj - Assistant

MESH Design Studio
A 128, IIIrd Floor,
Haemaphilia Federation Building,
New Delhi 110066

Tel:+91 11 26172579
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