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Bean Bags and Charger Pockets

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Jone Pryadarshini Mahila Mandal is a women’s society in Bethany Leprosy Colony, S. India. Started almost twenty years ago to encourage the women to save it has evolved into a group of small self help groups that save and lend and are able to take advantage of any government subsidised loan schemes for women. But they did not stop there, instead they identified the members who could sew and developed a complicated cyclical rota of work as the orders arrived from MESH.

Their main-stay work for several years has been making urn bags for Canadian undertakers. As that work does not keep them busy fulltime MESH Designer has made a few visits looking at what else they can make.

Here is a sneak preview. These are prototypes but we hope to fine tune them ready for ordering. Please Mail meto ask for prices or to call for a sample.