Fair Trade

Promoting Fair Trade in Schools

If you are thinking about how to promote Fair Trade with children in English-medium schools in India then we might have some answers.

This morning Gabriel, MESH's Social Worker, was up at the crack of dawn to join the XIth standard children at Father Agnel School, Gautam Nagar here in Delhi in their first session of the day.

We started off with a brief introduction asking the children if they ever think about where the things they own have come from; who made them; under what conditions and how much they earn or how much say they have in the process or indeed how the product is affecting the environment. Then Gabriel made a brief presentation about Fair Trade which you can see here . This was an opportunity to involve the students who shared their views comfortably on what are the issues facing India today and how poverty might be eliminated.

Gabriel followed up with a wonderful film about a young English girl visiting cocoa farmers in the Dominican Republic. By linking the fair trade presentation and the film it was possible for students to better understand how fair systems in trading and the Fair Trade movement can impact the lives of poor and marginalised people.

There is a very fine selection of Fair Trade films for children in the series "My Fair Trade Adventure" available from the website of Fair Trade Schools which you can see here

If you need any help with telling school children in India about Fair Trade please let us know, perhaps we will have some more suggestions. You can contact us by e-mail

The students this morning were a keen and interested audience, I was only sorry that we did not have any Fair Trade chocolate to share with them at the end!