Fair Trade

Livelihood Survey - Measuring Impact Among Weavers


Gabriel Rajsingh who looks after all aspects of producer development and Fair Trade for MESH, is out collecting data for MESH's livelihood survey 2018. He is visiting Khadi Udyog Seva Kusht Ashram, a leprosy community about five hours from Delhi that is involved in weaving.

In 2011 and 2015 we interviewed artisans in some of the producer groups with whom we work and produced a report on how livelihoods had changed A_survey_of_artisans_working_in_producer_groups_associated_with_MESH , and how MESH's work and fair trade was impacting livelihoods.Now we are collecting fresh data and hope to have a report available by the end of the year.

Measuring impact and studying what is changing is an important aspect of the work of MESH and we are proud to have developed a tool to do that and to have the help of a volunteer to analyse the data.