New Tablecloths

Bharat Mata Kusht Ashram (BMKA) has a brand new range of tablecloths now available in MESH shop, Uday Park, Delhi. 100% cotton hand woven they are suitable for a 6-8 seat dining table (150x230cm).

Look for checks and stripes in four new colourways all designed in MESH Design Studio by Hrishi.

The same colours and patterns feature in a new kitchen range to be launched soon.

Fresh new 100% cotton handwoven tablecloth from BMKA

Bharat Mata Kusht Ashram is a leprosy colony in Faridabad near Delhi. The men and women dye the yarns in the colony, prepare the long warps and then weave the cloths in a large weaving workshop in the middle of the colony.

BMKA products are sold by MESH from our shop in Uday Park, New Delhi and by export all around the world.

Bobbin winding in BMKA weaving workshop
Bobbin winding in BMKA weaving workshop

Thanks and photo credit for this last image to The Czech Society for Fair Trade