MESH Supplier's Meet

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In the first two days of December we held a MESH Suppliers Meet in Bethany Leprosy Colony, S. India. It was an opportunity for MESH to share plans for the coming year, highlight our domestic market strategy and for suppliers to network and share ideas. Jo-Ann Thomson, CEO at TLM Trading U.K. and Liz Standbrook, Purchasing Officer from TLM Trading joined us for the two days, using the time to understand the groups, see products and share details of their work and needs from us.

Special features included a session from three suppliers, Blue Mango, Care Kashmir and Society for Child Development all of whom sell well in the local market. Tamar from Blue Mango came well prepared with a colourful presentation. On her way to Bethany Tamar had called into CT Philips at Cane and Bamboo in Chennai and collected a bunch of visiting cards which she distributed with suggestions that other suppliers should send them samples and begin to sell in Chennai through this very reliable company.

Now how am I supposed to make this Christmas tree?
Now how am I supposed to make this Christmas tree?

A session on how to read specification sheets from MESH’s Designer, Syamala, produced some very interesting Christmas tree variations and a great deal of laughter whilst highlighting the need for very precise communications.

Mr. Malleshappa receiving an award for H.H.H. R.T.U.
Mr. Malleshappa receiving an award for H.H.H. R.T.U.

The first evening saw us at the beach sharing a terrific biryani and a lot of fun.

The last evening closed with an award ceremony with cash awards for three groups. Bethany won the award for Progress Professionally during the year as they have improved their accountability and reporting and delivery times. Hubli Hopsital for The Handicapped Rehab Unit was awarded for Significant Professional Progress in the Year for their amazing efforts in holding work together after loosing their manager. And the award for the most Professional Progress in The Year went to Bharat Mata Kusht Ashram weavers from Faridabad who did a great job during the year keeping up with orders, sharing order details with each member of the team and maintaining the right quality for some difficult and demanding orders.

Busy at the stalls
Busy at the stalls

Running simultaneously with the meeting was a sale of products from the suppliers. Some huge banners and personally delivered invitations made sure that there was a steady flow of customers and the young volunteers from Bethany did a great job as sales people.

Thanks must go to Bethany Leprosy Colony for arranging this meeting…their first large group meeting for MESH and also to IM Soir’s Design Studio Project funds and TLM India’s project funding for people affected by leprosy.