Volunteers, Interns and Students.

Rob Driver (R) teaching Mathew how to use Mail Chimp
We are always really glad to have volunteer support, interns and students for short visits. Just now Rushvi, a student from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal is in MESH Design Studio for four months doing her final project. She is preparing some very interesting desk and lifestyle accessories using wood and embroidery and targeted at Kshema Rehabilitation Centre in Tamil Nadu. Watch out for them in the coming months.

As I write Rob Driver, a British volunteer who lives in Delhi, is training Mathew in using Mail Chimp so that we can send news about products out to our export contacts in an attractive manner. Naazneen has learned already and has started to use it to advertise in the domestic market.

Last week we had a delightful young student, Dhruv Shandil from the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, who had to get some NGO experience. He helped with preparing charts from the data gathered in our baseline survey.

Then in February we are expecting two students from the International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi who will spend a month contributing to our efforts and getting experience in one of the communities where we work. I hope, that amongst other things they will be able to help the weavers in Bharat Mata Kusht Ashram get their artisan ID cards which will allow them access to a number of government benefits.

I thank them all for their help.

Jacky Bonney MBE