MESH Celebrated International Women’s Day 2016

MESH Celebrated International Women’s Day 2016

MESH marked International Women’s Day 2016 by organizing a Poster Exhibition in MESH Shop from 1 pm – 6pm and in the Design Studio from 4 pm – 5 pm on 8th March, 2016.

The poster exhibition in MESH shop was to create awareness about gender issues among the employees who are working in the Udai Park, local shopping area. This year we were able to appreciate those women who have made an impact and were agents for change in the society. We made people to think how our society can be a better place for all without any gender bias. One of the visitors who is a lawyer offered to volunteer and lend help to MESH. See the pictures from shop exhibition here...

We invited Hemophilia Federation staff for our poster exhibition in the Design Studio. This was the first time that we have celebrated International Women’s Day together. We were delighted to have Rtd. Wg. Cdr. SS Roy Choudhury (Chief Executive Officer, Hemophillia Federation, India) share his thoughts. People appreciated the works and achievements of the women portrayed in the exhibition. Sticky notes were provided to all the visitors for sharing their thoughts and views and we had a time of discussion on different issues related to gender equity.
Women's Day Poster Exhibition discussions

Women's Day Poster comments

One of the points that came up is how the families still treat boys and girls differently at home which was having a significant impact in the lives of individuals and in the society. People agreed that by educating children at home about gender equity and treating boys and girls the same at home change could happen in families and in our society.

Women's Day Poster Exhibition

Women's Day Posters with comments

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