Some Changes in MESH


Perhaps you know that Mathew was responsible for exports in MESH when Jacky was the Executive Secretary. When she became a volunteer he was made Chief Manager responsible to do all that she did PLUS his export work. We have tried to bring all the threads together since Jacky returned in August but it has become obvious that Mathew’s task is too great for him unless he has some support. Recognising that, we brought Vipin up from packing and the storeroom work and trained him to make packing lists and invoices for Mathew. Vipin is the son of our oldest member of staff, Bachan and we were glad to give him work and train how to use the accounting software.

Vipin has picked up the work well and Johnson has been passing some basic accounts work to him too since they use the same accounting software. Johnson has resigned but he agreed to stay until May 30th to complete the annual audit. We have interviewed people to replace Johnson but have not found anyone suitable. But more of that later. For now we have offered Vipin the chance to go for book-keeping and accounting classes and gradually take on more of Johnson’s work. Of course he cannot focus on that if he is tied up with export documentation work for Mathew.

So, this week we have offered Deepa the job as Marketing Assistant to the Chief Manager (Mathew).
Deepa has been looking after the shop and outdoor sales but we have noticed that she is ready to learn and is absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Today she came upstairs out of the shop and has started to learn all aspects of the export work from Mathew. The plan is that once Mathew receives an export order he will pass it to Deepa who will make purchase orders for the suppliers, follow-up with them and then see the order through to delivery, invoices, packing lists and despatch and Mathew will at last have some help to organise special labels, chemical tests, sending off of samples, labelling and coding products for export…all those tasks that take time and are important if customers are to be satisfied and the disabled artisans are to receive repeat orders.

Bachan will take one some of Deepa’s old duties and Rohit, the young man with cerebral palsy who stocks shelves and serves customers when Deepa is on leave, will be on his own in the shop. I must explain that our office is on an open mezzanine floor above the shop so we can always hear when customers are coming in and out and can help Rohit as the need arises.

These are exciting changes offering lots of challenges. We pray that Deepa and Vipin will thrive and MESH will become more efficient.