Running a Sample Unit - A Training


Surender from Little Flower Leprosy Centre has come to MESH Design Studio to learn how to run a sampling unit. The week has been spent teaching him how to read various kinds of weaving specifications ... we were happy to have Narayan come back to conduct those sessions ... after many years as our in-house weaver we thought he was thee best person for the job. Other sessions have been how to prepare his own specs and code and label and store them for future reference. He has also spent time in the main office with Deepa looking at all the details on a purchase order and being reminded of the need to communicate, communicate and communicate. Mr. Bachan who looks after stock records explained that we need more details on our bills from Little Flower.

We have had long discussions about the best way to determine a fair wage and also how important it is to ensure sustainability. I think he has learned something and we are looking forward to seeing how he gets on producing some new tartan silk scarves designed by an intern from the National Institute for Fashion and Technology, Bhopal.

We were happy to hear from him that Little Flower has been experimenting with linen and linen cotton blend; it will be exciting to see what they have come up with.

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