Deepa is leaving MESH

Deepa has been with MESH since February 2013 and she is now on the move. She started off as the shop assistant and gradually took on more responsibility for consignment sales across the country. I remember her first trip alone across India when she went to Bangalore to attend a training organised by Fair Trade Forum to equip her for better fair trade retailing.

About 18 months ago she was promoted to work as Mathew's assistant in exports. It has been a time of constant learning and she has been progressing well so it is a disappointment that she has decided to leave. It has been great to watch her English gradually improve and amazing to see how quickly she picked up how to use Tally software and also to generate sales figures and use pivot charts under the guidance of lovely volunteers from The British High Commission.

We are sorry she is leaving but can say that with her willing efforts MESH has contributed to the nation's efforts of "Skilling India" by having her go much better skilled than when she came to us and for that we are most grateful.

A final personal note. Deepa is a Christian and without fail she would come each morning to her desk, bow her head and commit her work to The Lord. I hope she will continue to do that wherever she works and that we shall continue to have the joy of working with young people willing to learn. We must also hope that the older members of staff will not feel left behind but rejoice and celebrate the successes of the younger members of the team.