Iqbal's Story in Readers Digest

look at this! It is an amazing article about Iqbal that Gabriel found on the internet this morning whilst looking for material for the next Fair trade Fact Sheet which is about the environment. Iqbal is the lead figure in PAGIR, a relatively new group to MESH. Located in Leh in the high Himalayas, PAGIR is inspirational in that the focus of work combines rights and inclusion as well as employment for people with disability whilst working to protect the delicate environment of the mountains.

I have observed that Iqbal is committed fully to inclusion in every aspect of his work, for him there is no question that anyone should be left out regardless of the type of disabilities. When you read his story in this 2012 edition of Readers Digest you can see why.

This lovely picture was taken after a Fair Trade monitoring visit and small training in June 2017. Participants to the training included those with cognitive disabilities, people who are hearing impaired, Tensin who has cerebral palsy and Iqbal and Kesang with significant disabilities of legs and arms. It was a wonderful workshop with everyone making a contribution and that too because of Iqbal's attitude. It is a privilege to work with PAGIR.