When The Blind Lead The Blind Brilliantly!

Yesterday evening I received a stash of pictures and videos from a disabled people’s organization (DPO) called Divyang Adikar Manch way off in Jharkhand in eastern India. We have linked up with them to buy and distribute ration kits to families with disabilities in their state. It is a superb effort stretching right across a state. Our contact is Mr. Ajit who is visually impaired and works for Indian railways. He asked members in different parts of the state to inform him of the neediest families in their areas who would benefit from a stock of dry food stuffs. They then had to find local grocers with a bank account, MESH transferred the money to the various accounts of the different grocers and members of the DPO delivered the ration and that too despite severe rain. Large areas of Jharkhand are really quite remote with poor roads and forest cover. It is a region with a lot of poverty and we were delighted to make contact with the DPO and have been thrilled by their response especially as they are all unpaid for their efforts.

This style of self-help support where people with disabilities in a region, form organisations to support each other and lobby and campaign for their rights, has been promoted as a sustainable form of development for a number of years; It has been marvelous to see it working practically and to see a whole new meaning to the axiom "the blind leading the blind". We hope that MESH will continue to reach out to those most in need through this organization, perhaps for school or college scholarships as there is no doubt that Ajit has been so valuable to the group, because he is educated.

You may know MESH for handicrafts products but we also provide some support towards school fees to children from leprosy colonies, have a revolving loan scheme for higher education of children for leprosy communities and in the last year or so have been able to distribute hundreds of food packages for covid relief.

If you would like t contribute to these efforts with a donation you can do so here

Another nice piece of news is that we have added three new yoga/exercise related products to our Wellness range for wholesale orders see them here I hope you find something you would like. Your orders are keeping fair trade artisans employed!

August 2nd 2021