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Nagalakshmi from Blue Mango Trust Shares her Story

Nagalakshmi is a bead worker in Blue Mango Trust, Tamil Nadu, MESH's best supplier. Just opposite the entrance road to Blue Mango is a residential center for people with disabilities called RUADT, where Nagalakshmi lives.

Nagalakshmi shares a little about her life: --

I had polio as a baby and if I walk for more than 10 minutes my back hurts me so much that I have to stop. I studied until 9th grade and I dropped out after failing my math examinations. I stayed with my parents for a while and became very depressed. I couldn’t leave the house without help so I just sat there and didn’t do anything. For a change, I moved into my brother’s house to take care of his new baby. Living there was unpleasant because my brother and his wife fought all the time. I finally decided that I needed to live in RUADT and find some work. I came to Blue Mango in 2005.

I don’t have any dreams for the future. Whenever I go home I bring my parents some money to help support them. I have earned enough money to buy myself some gold jewelry. It’s the first jewelry I have ever owned and I’m proud of having earned it myself. The women here are helpful. It’s a good atmosphere.

December 2014