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My Parents Are Very Glad That I Can Bear My Own Expenses

Asha Bharti Tells Gabriel, MESH Social Worker About Her Life and Work At Kiran Centre

Asha Bharti is from Gazipur, in Uttar Pradesh. Her father worked as a farmer in the village and earned his living. Mother looked after the house and also helped in farming. She is the eldest child in the family, she has two brother and three sisters. Now she resides in KIRAN Society, Varanasi.
Asha Bharti had polio in her her childhood which left her with disabilities. Her parents had put lot of efforts for her treatment, going from place to place hoping for some improvement. She also was sent to her uncle who was living in Kolkata for treatment. Her parents were worried about her upbringing and thought that they would take good care of her at home itself as she was unable to walk.

She says,” The villagers and the neighbors’ would often pass comments that God has cursed our family, but my parents did not bother. My mother took a bold stand and faced the people in the village”.

Therefore from her childhood she mostly stayed indoors as she could not walk. She had the desire to do her studies but because of her situation her parents didn’t send her for schooling. During any of their family functions her whole family would go off to the party but she would stay back at home. She was dependent on family members for her basic needs and activities and had just a few friends with whom she would spend her leisure time. Her friends were very supportive and would help her at the time of need.

One day her father took her to the KIRAN Societies outreach camp which was put up by them in the village. KIRAN center works to support and help the polio affected persons and people with disabilities. They conduct outreach camps to help people in the rural parts of Uttar Pradesh. At the outreach medical camp she was asked to come to KIRAN Center for treatment. So she came to KIRAN Center for treatment where she was operated for her legs. She was also offered the chance to join a training programme run by KIRAN Center, where she could gain skills which would help her get work. She developed herself through the training provided in KIRAN Center. Now she is works as an employee with KIRAN center, and is able to help other people with disabilities.

She says, “Now she can manage her activities on her own, parents are also happy the manner she has developed. Parents are very glad that I have started to work and that I can bear my own expenses”.

Now when she goes back to her village she has become a source of inspiration for others. She is happy to work for KIRAN Center as now she is able to manage her expenses and even contribute towards her family. During the course of time she has developed boldness and confidence. She enjoys working in KIRAN center and loves the company of her colleagues.

Sep 2015

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