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Earning My Own Money Has Given Me Confidence.

Muthulakshmi Tells Us Why Blue Mango Trust is The Place For Her To Work

I was born without the use of my legs. It was hard being handicapped while I was growing up. I quit school after 9th grade and stayed at home. But staying at home made me extremely depressed. In 2005 I moved to RUADT program for handicapped people and now work at Blue Mango.

I chose Blue Mango because other places don’t like hiring handicapped people and even if they do, they don’t provide transportation. Blue Mango is right across the road from RUADT and there is a van to bring us here. Otherwise I like the yoga and I like the food here. Earning my own money and not accepting charity from the hands of others has given me confidence.


Sep. 2015

MESH buys soft toys, bead jewellery and fashion accessories from Blue Mango Trust

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