Divya's Greeting Cards

6521211 One of the first Divya cards
Divya is in her early twenties and lives in Delhi with her parents and sister. Soon after she was born she developed severe jaundice which resulted in her suffering from fits and learning disabilities throughout her childhood. Whilst attending a special school she became interested in arts and crafts.

Divya Greeting Card Artist in MESH Design Studio
Divya Greeting Card Artist in MESH Design Studio

In 2009 her father brought her to MESH to ask if we could find some way of making her interest in art a means to earn a living. We invited her to spend some time in MESH Design Studio with Hrishikesh who explored what she could do and what might be marketable. He decided that she could probably manage to paint greeting cards to a high enough standard to attract orders.

Hrishi developed several ranges of card designs that can be printed onto card and which Divya can paint.

Ajay, is a young man who has grown up in Anandgram Leprosy Colony in Delhi. He is artistic and has spent many long hours in MESH Design Studio providing an extra pair of hands whilst learning. Hrishi suggested that Ajay and Divya worked together to meet orders for cards. They share the work and the earnings. Ajay is able to do the sourcing of raw materials more easily that Divya and she has been able to put in the necessary capital.

Divya's sister is studying for a degree and Divya was inistant that she did not want to have some activity where she would just sit at home. Her father showed her how to travel by bus to MESH Design Studio and also to MESH shop and she visits both places often.

Their cards have been exported to several countires in Europe. Ajay is using his earnings to pay college fees to study Fashion Design, an expense that he would not have been able to afford otherwise.

They are now working on a range of flat pack gift boxes with Hrishi...look out for them in the coming months.