Curtain Making Training in MESH Design Studio

Govinda in MESH Design Studio
Faridabad is the first large town as one travels south of Delhi. A busy industrial town within easy driving distance of Delhi it is growing fast with hundreds and hundreds of new homes built every year. Bharat Mata Kusht Ashram (BMKA) is a small community of people affected by leprosy that is located on a roadside on the edge of Faridabad. MESH has worked with the weavers there for many years and we stock their products in our shop in Uday Park, Delhi.
Govinda is the married son of members of the colony. His father is affected by leprosy and his mother had treatment as a young woman long ago. Govinda dropped out of school during eighth standard as he was quite simply not interested in school. He has learned to use a sewing machine.
MESH would like to sell BMKA cotton cloth by the meter and also to offer a curtain making service so we invited Govinda to a curtain making training in MESH Design Studio.

He will be in training for at least one month, perhaps longer and will be exposed to the various kinds of finishes for curtains; linings, heading tapes etc. He will learn how to measure, cut and sew a broad variety of styles of curtains. MESH Design Studio team will then photograph the range of curtains he can make; teach him to cost for his services and produce a small flyer for distribution in all of those new homes in Faridabad and in MESH shop.
When asked what he would like to take away from this training he says:
“I would like to specialize in curtain making and use the training to employ one more person.”
Govinda has two younger brothers both at school. He tells us that he is making sure they do not drop out of school like he did.
As Govinda works Hrishi, MESH’s consultant designer is developing a range of curtain fabrics to be woven in BMKA and he is also designing a display unit for the Delhi shop so as to be able to offer those fabrics and subsequent ranges to customers in the shop. Watch this space for that launch!