The Crafts People

Shamim Arif

Name: Shamim Arif

Age: 27

Kiran Centre for children with different abilities has great need for orthopedic technicians to custom make calibers for the physically impaired youngsters. Shamim is one of the orthopedic technicians in Kiran, he molds, sets and designs the calibers.

Shamim comes from a business owning family; his family owns a factory of power looms that make saris. After he completed 12th standard he worked for his family business as a loom technician. The business had an economic downfall in 1994 and he was coerced to find a new occupation. Shamim himself is physically impaired from polio so finding a new job in the city was problematic. When he heard of Kiran , he immediately joined and trained for three years and now has worked in the production staff for two.

Shamim dreams of having a fresh start in his family business and in order to do so he will continue working at Kiran. He appreciates Kiran for giving him an opportunity to earn and save money for his family business.

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